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    Straighter Teeth. Brighter Smiles.

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    Orthodontic care for children, teenagers and adults in Surrey is provided by orthodontists and Invisalign providers Dr. Aly Kanani, Dr. Travis Gibson, Dr. Sahar Abtahi.

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  • Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Invisalign® 'Clear Braces'

    Straighter Teeth. Brighter Smiles.

    Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Invisalign 'Clear Braces'

    Dr. Aly Kanani, Dr. Travis Gibson, Dr. Sahar Abtahi and the Guildford Orthodontics team have served over 2,500 Invisalign patients and over 10,000 orthodontics patients across the lower mainland over more than 10 years – changing one smile at a time.

    Learn About the Invisalign Difference

  • Find the Best Solution for Straightening Your Teen's Smile

    Straighter Teeth. Brighter Smiles.

    Orthodontics Options for Straightening Teen Smiles 

    Explore the options for straightening your teen's smile through traditional braces or Invisalign for Teen clear aligners. 

    Traditional Braces Invisalign for Teens

  • Smile More. Laugh More. With Orthodontics for Adults

    Straighter Teeth. Brighter Smiles.

    Smile More. Laugh More. With Orthodontics for Adults.

    Orthodontic treatment can help adults to improve their long term oral health – and to gain the confidence that comes with a straight smile.

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Answers To Your Questions About Invisalign in Surrey


Something to Smile About!

Dr. Kanani answers your top questions about how Invisalign can help both adults & teens gain the confidence that comes with a straighter smile.


Why Choose Guildford Orthodontics in Surrey?

Guildford Orthodontic CentreLearn Why We're Different

We've got the professional experience you need – and the caring approach you want.

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Invisalign, Clear Braces, Surrey

Orthodontic OptionsBraces or Invisalign

Explore both options – braces or Invisalign – to make the best choice for you.

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Invisalign Smile Assessment, Orthodontics, Surrey

Are Clear Aligners Right for You?Invisalign Smile Assessment

Complete this quick form to learn if Invisalign might be an option for you.

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Orthdontics FAQs, Guildford Orthodontics, Surrey

Answers To Your QuestionsOrthodontics FAQs

Browse the questions we hear most frequently from patients.

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Welcome to Guildford Orthodontic Centre in Surrey

Guildford Orthodontics – serving Surrey and surrounding areas – offers orthodontics and Invisalign treatments for patients of all ages – including children and adults.

At our Surrey Orthodontics practice, we offer our patients a modern environment and a warm, multi-lingual, friendly team of professionally trained staff.

We proudly provide services in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Polish.

Dr. Aly Kanani and his team are proud to belong to the BC Orthodontics Group. We provide quality orthodontic treatment with a smile!

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Our practice is located near the intersection of 152 St. and 102A Ave., in Surrey, BC.

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