Common Problems Solved by Orthodontics

The images below show some of the common problems that can be solved through treatment at myOrthodontist Surrey in Surrey.

In addition to the situations shown below, other instances where you may want to seek an orthodontic opinion include when there is difficulty in chewing or biting, speech difficulty, grinding or clenching of teeth or when the jaw shifts or makes sounds.

Open Bite, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC

Open Bite

An open bite exists when some teeth don’t meet. It can cause eating problems, speech problems, and excessive wear of the teeth which do meet. 

Missing Teeth, myOrthodontist Surrey ,BC

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be very unattractive. By moving all teeth into correct position, proper space can be created to facilitate replacement of the missing teeth.

Deep Bite, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC

Deep Bite

The upper front teeth cover the lower teeth. A deep bite can cause excessive wear of the front teeth and gum damage behind the upper front teeth.

Protruded Teeth, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC

Protruded Teeth

Protruded teeth can be unattractive and more prone to damage. The lower front teeth often over-erupt and damage the palate behind the top front teeth.

Cross Bite, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC


The upper teeth should fit outside the lower teeth like a lid on a box. If the upper jaw is too narrow, the lower jaw may swing to one side to allow the teeth to mesh. A crossbite results.

Under Bite, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC

Under Bite

The lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth. An under bite can be unattractive and can cause uneven wear of the front teeth.

Crowding Teeth, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC


Crowding is a common orthodontic problem.Crowded teeth can be unattractive and difficult to clean.

Thumb Sucking, myOrthodontist Surrey, BC

Thumb Sucking

Sucking the thumb (or fingers) can deform nearby teeth and supporting bone.

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