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Life With Braces

The team at Guildford Orthodontic Centre in Surrey will help you through every step of living with braces on the path to your straighter new smile. Here are some tips to get started!

  • What to Expect

    Your mouth changes a lot when you're wearing braces, but knowing what to expect when you first start your orthodontic treatment can go a long way in making the process go more smoothly.
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  • Eating With Braces

    Just because you have braces, doesn't mean you can't eat a wide variety of foods! As long as you're careful, and keep a few limitations in mind, you should be able to eat most of the foods you normally do.
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  • Appliance Care

    The better you care for your braces during treatment, the more likely it is that your treatment will go according to plan, meaning you won't have to wear your braces for additional time.
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  • Brushing & Flossing

    It's more important than ever to brush and floss regularly and thoroughly when you have braces, so the teeth and gums are healthy after orthodontic treatment.
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  • Retainer & Expander Instructions

    Retainers and Expanders are extremely important parts of your orthodontic treatment, so be sure to follow these instructions carefully, to ensure that they do as effective a job as possible!
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  • Athletics

    If you have braces, playing sports can be dangerous. At Guildford Orthodontic Centre, we recommend a protective mouthguard for all contact and non-contact sports.
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  • Emergencies

    While orthodontic emergencies are rare, they can occur. Knowing what constitutes an orthodontic emergency, and how to proceed in such a situation, goes a long way in ensuring it's resolved with a minimum of pain and stress.
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