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Why You Should Wear a Sports Mouthguard if You Have Braces

Why You Should Wear a Sports Mouthguard if You Have Braces

Whether you are straightening your teeth with braces or aligners, it's extra important to protect your teeth against the damage caused by a blow to the face while playing sports. Here, our Surrey orthodontists explain why a sports mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment whenever you play contact sports.

Sports Mouthguards

A sports mouthguard (sports guard) is an essential piece of equipment if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment and play contact sports. A custom-fitted sports mouthguard will help to protect your smile as it transforms. In fact, our Coquitlam orthodontists believe that whether you wear braces or not, a sports guard is always a good idea for athletes.

Don't Put All That Progress to Waste

A sports guard is a piece of protective equipment that is particularly important for patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The brackets and wires that make up your braces can be an additional hazard to the soft tissues of your mouth if you are hit in the face while playing sports. If you aren't wearing a mouthguard and receive a blow to the mouth the chances of broken braces or damage to your teeth and mouth increase.

Teeth become looser as they are gently guided into their corrected positions through orthodontic treatment. Which means that your teeth can be more easily knocked out due to an impact! Don't let all your orthodontic treatment progress go to waste by leaving your smile unprotected.

A sports guard can help to keep your teeth where they should be, protect the inside of your mouth, and prevent your braces from being damaged (as well as preventing you from having to head to the orthodontist for emergency repairs to your braces). 

Types of Sports Mouthguards

Store-bought mouthguards are readily available at most pharmacies, but when it comes to protecting your smile, a custom-fitted sports mouthguard from your dentist is your best bet if you have braces. Custom-made mouthguards are moulded to fit your unique smile, and provide the best possible protection for your braces, mouth and teeth.

A mouthguard is essential if you play sports while straightening your teeth. Contact our Surrey orthodontists to book an appointment to have a custom sports guard fitted to your smile.

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