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Dr. Hamid Hosseini

Dr. Hamid Hosseini is a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics at Guildford Orthodontic Centre Surrey.

Dr. Hamid Hosseini, Surrey Orthodontist

Hamid Hosseini

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics
DDS, MSc (Orthodontics), University of British Columbia


Dr. Hamid is passionate about the science of orthodontics, that allows him to improve patient health and smiles.

Dr. Hamid first completed his dental education in 2009, followed by an extended study of clinical sciences in 2011 in London, U.K. In 2016, he pursued his Master of Science in Orthodontics at MBRU in Dubai.

He then moved to Canada and completed his Master of Science in Orthodontics at UBC.

Dr. Hamid and our team work closely to provide a safe, caring, and fun environment for each and every patient that we treat. We look forward to meeting you!

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