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How to Use Orthodontic Wax To Soothe Your Mouth

How to Use Orthodontic Wax To Soothe Your Mouth

If your braces are irritating the inside of your mouth, Orthodontic Wax can help to relieve pain and prevent further irritation. Our Surrey orthodontists explain what orthodontic wax is and how to use it to instantly relieve soreness caused by rubbing wires and brackets.

What is orthodontic wax?

Orthodontic wax is a dental product used to ease the pain caused by the brackets and wires of your braces rubbing against the soft tissues of your mouth.

How does orthodontic wax work?

By carefully placing a small amount of orthodontic wax wherever you need it, the soft smooth wax covers sharp edges and stabilizes any loose pieces of your braces that are causing you irritation. Orthodontic wax can help to make your braces feel more comfortable instantly by forming a protective barrier between your mouth and the individual parts of your braces.

Orthodontic wax offers patients a simple and convenient way to instantly make their braces more comfortable. People who are new to wearing braces find orthodontic wax helpful as the soft tissues of their mouth get used to the presence of the wires and brackets. Other patients find that orthodontic wax helps to relieve discomfort following their braces adjustments. 

How do I use orthodontic wax?

Orthodontic wax is super-easy to use! Wash your hands then roll a small piece of wax into a ball, and gently press it onto the troublesome bracket or wire that is irritating your mouth. Once the wax has been positioned correctly it should form a small bump over the offending bracket or wire, preventing it from causing further pain or irritation. 

Is orthodontic wax safe?

Orthodontic wax is a non-toxic, natural product typically made from natural waxes such as paraffin wax, carnauba wax, or beeswax and is actually made to be consumed. As you wear the orthodontic wax, your saliva will cause it to gradually melt away. 

What does orthodontic wax taste like?

You will find orthodontic wax in both unflavoured and flavoured varieties. The natural form of orthodontic wax is flavourless, but some brands add flavours such as grape or mint to make the wax more pleasant for patients who dislike the natural wax.

Where can I get orthodontic wax?

Orthodontic wax available in the toothpaste isle of most pharmacies, but your orthodontist may provide you with wax when you visit the office for your adjustment appointments. If your mouth is sore from irritating brackets and wires, speak to your dentist about using orthodontic wax.

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