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What to Expect: Orthodontic Checkups & Evaluations

What to Expect: Orthodontic Checkups & Evaluations

Whether you have braces or Invisalign, you will have to pay periodic visits to our Surrey orthodontic office throughout your treatment process, so that your orthodontist can monitor your progress.

Why do I have to visit the orthodontist regularly during treatment?

Throughout treatment, your teeth and other oral structures will change and shift considerably. Your orthodontist will need to monitor these changes, to make sure that they’re happening as they should, and when they should. If you are wearing braces, you will also need to have them adjusted during these appointments so that treatment doesn’t stall. These adjustments essentially re-position your braces, so that the next phase of your treatment can commence.

Braces wearers need to visit the orthodontist somewhat more frequently than Invisalign patients, not just for adjustments, but also to have their elastics changed out. This must be done periodically so that your braces stay nice and tight, and continue to do their job straightening your teeth.

This is a great opportunity to change up your look by changing the colour of your elastics; they come in just about every colour of the rainbow, and you can choose a different colour each time!

Depending on what your orthodontist sees going on in your mouth during your checkup and exam, she may make adjustments to the timing of your orthodontic treatment as well.

And finally, regular checkups will allow your orthodontist to monitor your overall oral health, and advise you on how to better care for your teeth and orthodontic appliances as your treatment progresses.

Do I still need to see my dentist as well?

Yes! Your dentist will need to perform cleanings and checkup every six months, just like always, to keep your teeth healthy and strong during your orthodontic treatment.

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