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Taking Good Pictures with Braces

Taking Good Pictures with Braces

Taking a good picture can be a bit tricky, and doing it with braces can be even more so. Try the following tip and ideas to take a better picture while wearing braces.

Choose Less Noticeable Braces

You may be a candidate for Invisalign clear aligners, which are made of a clear plastic material that is virtually invisible when worn. But even if Invisalign is not right for you, there are other low profile or more 'hidden' braces options that won’t be as obvious in pictures.

In-Ovation Self-Ligating braces are smaller in profile than standard metal braces, since there are no ties or elastics, so they won’t show up as much in pictures, either.

The same goes for ‘translucent’ ceramic braces. The brackets on these are made of a tooth-coloured ceramic material that blends in with your teeth, so your braces look less noticeable.

Go With Colour

Because the elastics that go on braces come in pretty much every colour of the rainbow, you can choose a colour that suits you best. In short, turn your braces into an accessory and express yourself with them! Try picking a colour that looks nice with your eye colour or skin tone, for example.

It can help to choose darker colours to make your teeth look whiter and brighter. Try to avoid white, as this will make your teeth look a bit darker and more yellow, and void browns and certain greens, as these can look like food stuck in your teeth.

Good Oral Hygiene

Keep your teeth clean and healthy by brushing and flossing often, and cleaning your braces themselves just as often. This will help you avoid having pictures taken with food stuck in your teeth, or with discoloured teeth due to lack of care.

Just Smile!

Try not to feel shy or embarrassed about your braces; own them and don’t hold back on smiling in pictures. After all, nothing is more attractive than a big, happy, confident smile. If it helps, practice smiling at yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself often that you look great with your braces!

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