Is Acceledent safe?

Is Acceledent safe?

The orthodontic device AcceleDent is able to accelerate your orthodontic treatment by up to 50%. This may sound too good to be true, so is it really safe?

Yes, AcceleDent is safe. Here’s a little about how it works.

AcceleDent is made up of two primary components:

The first is the Acceledent handle which delivers precisely calibrated micropulses (low levels of vibration) to the jaw via the mouth piece. It is this micropulse that promotes bone remodeling.

The second component is mouth piece which fits over your orthodontic appliance.

Orthodontic tooth movement is achieved by applying forces to the teeth via springs, wires and other appliances in order to alter the supporting bone. Medical research has shown that applying a low level of vibration, like the vibration provided by AcceleDent, the process can be accelerated.

Further research has shown that mechanisms that transmit micropulses also help to increase bone density and prevent bone breakdown.

The efficacy of Acceledent is backed up by more than two years of international clinical studies. Acceledent has been proven to be a safe approach to accelerated tooth movement with no increased loosening of the back teeth, and no evidence of increased root resorption (root shortening).

When managed by an orthodontic professional, AcceleDent is a safe and effective method for accelerating the orthodontic treatment process.

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